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What Is Curation and Why It’s So Relevant? [Video]

Robin Good: A great video animation introducing some of the key ideas, dreams and concepts behind content curation.


From the video: “One of the most beautiful things about the Internet is this sort of radical discovery, where you start in a place that you are familiar with, that you trust, and then you drill down and down and chase the white rabbit and then you end up in some wonderland you didn’t know existed.” 


The clip includes thoughts from some unique curators, picked and selected by Percolate, the company sponsoring this video. 


Inspiring. Insightful. 8/10

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The 21st Century Curator

“How do the skills of a curator apply in an organizational context? More than ever before, as we know. In globally distributed and networked organizations engaged in doing complex work, where exception handling is likely to be the norm, it is crucial for information flow to be transparent and to have folks who can spot the patterns, connect the dots and provide that key insight which keep an organization on the cutting edge. They may or may not be officially conferred the title of curators. But the need is irrefutable. Probably the biggest challenge facing organizations today is not the lack of data creation, but the lack of someone who can connect all the floating dots—inside and outside the organization—that lead to meaningful decisions. While some aspects can be automated—using analytics—it still requires a human curator to recognize patterns and present the output.

Who are likely to be playing the role of key curators in an organization? Most likely to be the community managers! With organizations going the social business route and investing in a social platform, community managers will soon become an essential role. And community managers are the best placed to play the role of curators as well. One insight I gleaned from this post by Bertrand Duperrin: Are curators the missing thing in enterprise 2.0 approaches? Curators are focused on information flows without thinking they’re leading or managing any community. From which I draw the inference that curators need not be community managers, but community managers should ideally have curation skills or work closely with curators to build a successful community.

As Clay Shirky said here: Curation comes up when search stops working…[and] when people realize that it isn’t just about information seeking, it’s also about synchronizing a community.”


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Types of Curation

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Content Curation: The Next Big Thing? | Content Curation for the Simple

One of the things that might help people understand this as a totally different tool from article spinning or simply aggregrating content from places onto your blogs is that the human element is required to do good curation.

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