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4 Tips For Designing Captivating eLearning – eLearning Industry

Wondering how to Design Captivating eLearning? Check 4 top tips for Designing Captivating eLearning.

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A framework for content curation

In conversation at EduTECH earlier this month, Harold Jarche evoked George E. P. Box’s quote that “all models are wrong, but some are useful”. Of course, the purpose of a model is to simplify a com…

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Evolution of knowledge representation and retrieval techniques

Malhotra, M., & Nair, T. R. G. (2015). Evolution of knowledge representation and retrieval techniques. I.J. Intelligent Systems and Applications, (07), 18-28. doi:10.5815/ijisa.2015.07.0


Abstract— Existing knowledge systems incorporate knowledge retrieval techniques that represent knowledge as rules, facts or a hierarchical classification of objects. Knowledge representation techniques govern validity and precision of knowledge retrieved. There is a vital need to bring intelligence as part of knowledge retrieval techniques to improve existing knowledge systems. Researchers have been putting tremendous efforts to develop knowledge-based system that can support functionalities of the human brain. The intention of this paper is to provide a reference for further research into the field of knowledge representation to provide improved techniques for knowledge retrieval. This review paper attempts to provide a broad overview of early knowledge representation and retrieval techniques along with discussion on prime challenges and issues faced by those systems. Also, state-of-the-art technique is discussed to gather advantages and the constraints leading to further research work. Finally, an emerging knowledge system that deals with constraints of existing knowledge systems and incorporates intelligence at nodes, as well as links, is proposed. 

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The Key Added Value a Content Curator Can Provide: His Time

“I still have to do all the searching for new and good content sources and filtering the content I get. Separating the crap from the awesome. All by myself. This is hard work and very time consuming”

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