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Content Curation: What Marketers Think And 10 Actionable Tips [Research]

Excerpt from article published by Heidi Cohen on her blog:
“Over 70% of marketers agree that content curation, a mix of original and third party information, is an important element of their content marketing strategy according to Trapit research.

Almost 60% of marketers believe that content curation is critical to remain competitive with their peers and close substitutes.

Keep your name and brand in front of prospects and customers by curating other people’s content, saving them time.

What’s hindering content curation?
Interestingly, 45% of marketers surveyed weren’t able to curate as much content as they believe they should.
Marketers cite 3 key factors that hinder their ability to curate content effectively.

60% find it difficult to curate content that peers and competitors aren’t already highlighting.57% find it difficult to find the right kind of content to curate. 53% find it challenging to curate content amidst content saturation.

10 Actionable content curation tips:

Set up an effective content collection procedure.Use your favorite news reader and sign up for the key newsletters in your niche and related fields.Set up Google alerts for appropriate keywords.Monitor social media platforms for your category’s influencers and thought leaders as well as important hashtags.


Pick the real information nuggets.Ask the question: “Is this worth my audience’s time?”Ensure that the information sources are reputable.Check the rights associated with the content.Decide where the information should be shared.


Package curated content for easy consumption.Add your own commentary.Leverage the power of visuals.Make it mobile friendly…”

The article and each tip is analyzed with more information. Read full article:


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