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The No-Nonsense Guide To Make Money From Content Curation

Content curation is all about collecting best of the stuff from the web. A content curation blog is one easy way to make money and add passive income.

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How We Use Social Media for Informal Learning

Vendors talk about social learning like its something revolutionary, but I’m here to tell you its not. Informal learning is an everyday thing.

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Zientia – Plataforma educativa que enseña mediante realidad aumentada

Alexandra Lizana’s insight:
Plataforma educativa que enseña con realidad aumentada para los diferentes ciclos escolares

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Putting Curation to Work at Your Organization: Curated Resources from #ASTDTK14 | David Kelly

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4 ways to leverage the Interest Graph through impacting Content Curation

As the volume of content published on the Internet continues to grow, consumers can help shield themselves from the noise that doesn’t matter to them by curating only the content that matters on interest graph platforms

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Social Technologies: A Catalyst to the practice of Knowledge Management — Knowledge Sharing — Medium

“Social technologies are a catalyst to the practice of knowledge management.


Engaging in an active social network speeds the access to the 3 types of knowledge: (1) Personal knowledge (tacit or experiential), (2) knowledge at rest (consumable knowledge, informational assets) and exponentially expands access to (3) knowledge in motion (knowledge that is processed and exchanged as a result transformed and updated).


As a result, if one has access to social technologies, our access to these types of knowledge increases, the speed at which we can transform that knowledge increases and thusly we are personally transformed faster by it.”

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Collaborative Learning on Touchtables: Engaging Students with Group Work

These “Interactive Table Tops” Have Been Around a While but are now Poised to Really Catch On Multitouch tables, also known as “touchtables” or “in

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The paperback edition of the Social Learning Handbook 2014 is now available

The paperback edition is now available from Lulu (where it will be printed on demand locally and shipped to your address). Price £15 + P&P Social Learning Handbook 2014: The Next Generation of …

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7 Great Examples of Simple But Effective Content Curation Services on the Web

“Finding great content isn’t getting any easier. Search engines do what they can, but for many of us they’re not always adequate.”

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