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e-réputation: 8 outils pour savoir ce qui se dit sur vous en ligne

Il est important que vous soyez en mesure de savoir ce qui se dit sur vous en ligne et dans les médias sociaux; votre e-réputation en dépend.

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Curate & Publish Lean Start Pages with URLs and Feeds on Any Topic: StartMe

Create a personal startpage with your most important bookmarks and RSS feeds. Easy to use, reliable and completely (ad) free. Read more…

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The rights and wrongs of Knowledge Management

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Hashtag : les meilleurs outils pour community manager

 Cet article fait un point sur les différents services Web existants et liste les meilleurs outils utiles pour les community manager afin de rechercher et analyser les hashtags dans les différents réseaux et médias sociaux.

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Clipsi. Outil de curation collaboratif

Clipsi est un outil de curation collaboratif qui a des faux airs de Pinterest.

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User-Curated Search Engine Allows Creation of Custom Collaborative Search Spaces: zResearch

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Business Process Mapping for the Individual or an Organisation

Explore Business Process Mapping, for effective methods on on reducing wastes of time, money, materials and manpower! A systematic approach to organising your work.

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7 Things Teachers Need to Know about The Relation between The Brain and Learning ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

The core concept behind effective instruction is differentiation and adaptation particularly now that technology and digital media is taking over every facet of our life. Being able and ready to adapt your teaching methods to your students emerging learning needs is the key to a successful teaching career. Adaptation requires  thinking analytically about what goes on when students are engaged in learning. Some get the point so rapidly without the need for exhaustive explanations but others are slow learners and call for longer time.

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30 formas de promover la creatividad en el aula

En los últimos tiempos, ha habido una mayor aceptación de la valoración de la creatividad. Una charla en TED en 2003 pronunciada por Sir Ken Robinson sobre esta cuestión llegó a más de 5 millones de espectadores.

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