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e-book GRATIS

Los PLE son para el Verano es un e-book sobre Entornos Personales de Aprendizaje que recoge 19 artículos publicados en [e-aprendizaje] y en Taller PLE, seleccionados y ordenados de manera que tras …

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Redes Personales de Aprendizaje

Segunda sesión del curso “Entornos personales de aprendizaje en la formación universitaria” celebrada el día 18 de septiembre en la ESIIT de la Universidad d…

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Diseño de un procedimiento de captura y representación del conocimiento TPACK en la enseñanza universitaria | Grupo de Tecnología Educativa

Defendido el proyecto final de máster

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Create Your Social Intranet with Bitrix24

Robin Good*: Bitrix24 is a web-based service which provides small and medium-sized companies with a unique set of collaboration tools for managing projects, sharing documents and messaging.


Bitrix24 functions as a company internal social network and as a hub for all of the projects, tasks, contacts, files, and correspondence taking place within it.


Its key basic features include (free account):

Social networking and messaging
Personal Profiles
Task & Project management
File sharing
Integrated file storage from 5GB
Shared calendars
Photo gallery


Paid accounts (starting at $99/mo) also include:

Time Management
Meeting Planner and Reports
Custom Domain Name
File Storage size (50 or 100Gb)



No installation is required.

Bitrix is also accessible via smartphone and mobile devices.


Free for small teams (up to 12 people).





Key features:


Find out more:



*(This is a paid for, sponsored news story)

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Desarrollo de entornos personales de aprendizaje (PLEs) para la mejora de la competencia digital: estudio de caso en una escuela media italiana

Tesis doctoral

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Werken met TPACK en de app eClicker #cdhicto | Wilfred Rubens over Technology Enhanced Learning

Vandaag heb ik een tweede sessie verzorgd tijdens een professionaliseringstraject bij College Den Hulster. Deze sessie was deels ‘geflipt’ vorm gegeven. Ik heb o.a. voor het eerst gebruik gemaakt van de app eClicker.

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#MindMapper tool a new generation of #mindmapping #edtech20 #elearning

If original Word Processor was a tool to list your organized ideas, then MindMapper is a tool to organize your ideas.
Seeing the information visually, seeing the entire flow of your thoughts, seeing the entire project with a bird’s-eye
view. Once you organize your thoughts in MindMapper, you can easily convert them into MS Word for reporting or
sharing. MindMapper will help you discover your hidden imagination and ideas.
– Get a bird’s-eye view of the overall information
– Display your ideas at the speed of your thoughts
– Imagination, association, and combination come naturally
– Instantly go from your output to a planning documents
Sample Applications
– R&D: brainstorming for new innovation
– Company: product planning
– Teacher/Professor: new teaching methods, new thesis ideas
Welcome in the New Tech Age where Curation is Social Media King tell you Lucian a normal teacher who work a lot to became Social Media Curator . Now I want to implement Curation Restart Education Project ; and for this reason I invite you to join and collaborate and follow ; like . and get free our mLearning app . I invite to read all my blogs daily and Subscribe free to my research blogs . I write weekly in my 1st research blog about top 10 tools , I write daily about startup curation tools in my curation Blog . I also write daily about startup edtools and apps in my startup4edu blog and about ipad apps in my mLearning Blog

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Digital Curation & The Cloud (JISC Final Report)

JISC Final Report on Digital Curation and the Cloud



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Aprendizaje por indagación personal | Fernando Santamaría

Según la entrada de la Wikipedia la Investigación basada en el aprendizaje (Enquiry-based learning, aprendizaje inductivo de aprendizaje en el inglés…

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